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Conejo Valley, California
Boys U13 - High School
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HBA Kings Travel Team
​The HBA Kings are U8 to High School Boys & Girls Competitive Tournament Basketball Teams in the Conejo Valley. Team training sessions are geared toward developing individual skills in a team environment using the HBA concepts and philosophies. With a focus on all aspects of individual play applied with the pressure of game speed situations and the added elements of plays, team chemistry and leadership. Detailed workouts take place twice a week. All youth players who aspire to play at a higher level of competition are encouraged to try out. Contact David Henderson at 818-448-6291 or email hbahoops@gmail.com for more information. Schedule includes weekly games, tournaments, 3 practices per week.
​The HBA Kings are 8U to High School Competitive Tournament Basketball Teams with players that live in the Agoura Hills, Conejo Valley and Malibu areas.

​Players ages 13 to 17

​Players ages 11 & 12

​Players ages 8, 9 & 10

Taking it to the next level....
         Reviews for Henderson Basketball Academy
At Henderson Basketball Academy, we are proud to have received the following recognition for our contributions to the community.
"A job well done... Top-rate"
Coach Dave always gives 100% of himself to every player He has very high expectations and requires the kids to have high expectations for themselves. His work ethic is outstanding. Not only have our son's skills and performance improved dramatically, his confidence and drive has improved exponentially. - parent of HBA Kings U14 Team Member
"I Feel More Than Ready"
​Coach Dave helped me with my confidence while running the point guard position. He helped me drastically improve my game and got me more than ready for my high school career. - HBA Kings 14U player
"Simply - one of the best coaches!" Coach Dave works his players hard and expects their very best every time they step on the court. Dave never misses the opportunity to provide valuable criticism but always follows it up with a positive. My son truly enjoys working with Coach Dave and is a better player because of it! Keep up the good work... - parent HBA Kings 14U Team Member
Coach Dave inspires the best out of his players. He works with each team member pushing them to do their best and reach their highest potential. His love for the game is infectious. His program has improved our sons' techniques and instilled a confidence that has allowed them to grow tremendously in a game they love. - parent of HBA Kings U10 & U14 Team Members
"One of the Best"
"Coach Dave's Love for the Game is Infectious"